Union Springs Land Application Facility

Union Springs, AL

Owner: The Utilities Board of the City of Union Springs

Size: 1.5 MGD

Project Stage: Complete

Project Services: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Surveying, Treatment Process Design, Permitting, Construction Administration

Description: Due to reclassification of the receiving streams at the Board's two existing wastewater treatment plants, land application of wastewater effluent was chosen as an economical alternative to tertiary treatment and direct discharge.  This 273-acre site, the first municipal facility of its kind in Alabama, receives secondary effluent from two wastewater treatment plants.  The facility provides for land applying treated effluent on eight separate fields, each of which is used for growing hay and/or pine trees for pulpwood. A fixed irrigation system consisting of 1,520 rotating sprinklers is capable of discharging 1.5 MG of effluent to the spray fields during any ten hour period. A clay lined storage pond was constructed as part of the facility to provide up to 30 days of effluent holding capacity during extended periods of wet weather.