Snead State Norton Building Historic Renovation

Boaz, AL

Owner: Snead State Community College

Size: 7,000 SF Renovation

Project Stage: Complete

LEED Project: LEED Certified

Project Services: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering

Description: Originally built in 1939 as the first library on Sand Mountain, the renovation of the Norton Building repurposed the building, on the National Historic Register, into classrooms and faculty offices. Project includes new classrooms and office space, new windows, and complete mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system replacement.  Building updates include compliance with ADA and current building codes.  The project employs materials high in recycled content and utilizes new, high-performance mechanical and plumbing systems to save energy and water. The use of sustainable interior materials and finishes promotes healthier indoor air quality for building occupants. During construction, approximately 95% of demolition debris and construction waste was recycled. The landscaping design incorporates 100% native plant species which eliminates the need for irrigation. To minimize the project's "carbon footprint", all construction materials were sourced from manufacturers within a distance of 500 miles from the site.