Sejong, LLC Manufacturing Facility

Town of Fort Deposit, AL

Owner: Town of Fort Deposit

Project Stage: Complete

Description: New manufacturing site for Sejong, LLC which supplies the exhaust assembly for Hyundai Motor America. To develop this site, a 3,000-foot roadway was constructed to access the site and to provide additional plant sites for the town’s growth. To accommodate increased stormwater from the developed industrial park, a 4.3 acre lake was constructed to attenuate the downstream flow of the site while allowing for the natural flow of the adjacent stream. Project improved the town’s sewer infrastructure as a new sewer lift station was installed with duplex 60-horsepower pumps. Additionally, 3,000 feet of 8” force main were added, 1,500 feet of 8” gravity main were upgraded and 6,340 feet of new 8” and 10” gravity mains were installed. Two smaller lift stations were taken out of service with this work. Services included boundary and topographic surveys of the 140-acre site, and successfully negotiating a boundary dispute with an adjoining property owner. Site was formerly used as a cow pasture, home site and an old gas station which required removal of used oil containers and contaminated soil. A small wetland area was filled requiring permitting and an onsite mitigation plan. In addition to engineering services, administration for the EDA and ALDOT grants was provided.