Robert A. Betts Water Filtration Plant

Opelika, AL

Owner: Opelika Utilities

Size: 8 MGD; 16 MGD High Rate

Project Stage: Complete

Project Services: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Treatment System Process Design, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Permitting, Construction Administration

Description: Water filtration facility constructed to provide a second source of water for Opelika and the surrounding areas of Lee County.  The plant has a nominal capacity of 8 MGD and can be operated using a high rate filtration to produce 16 MGD of potable water. Treatment processes include: raw water intake and pumping, rapid mixing, coagulation with alum, sedimentation, rapid sand filtration, mechanical flocculation, disinfection, and fluoridation. Continuous sludge removal systems remove alum sludge from the sedimentation basins for treatment using gravity thickening and lagoon disposal.   Air/water backwash systems provide enhanced cleaning of the rapid sand filters. Drying beds are used to de-water settled solids and filter backwash water is stored in lagoons.