Madison WWTP Expansion & Improvements

Madison, AL

Owner: Madison Utilities

Size: 8.75 MGD Average Flow; 40 MGD Peak Flow

Project Stage: Complete

Award Winner: American Council of Engineering Companies of Alabama, Engineering Excellence Honor Award

Project Services: Civil, Mechanical, Structural and Electrical Engineering; Treatment System Process Design; Architecture; Landscape Architecture; Permitting; Construction Administration

Description: A master plan was developed to address issues at the existing 6 MGD wastewater treatment plant including biological treatment capacity, potential future nutrient limits, disinfection, treatment plant hydraulics, and solids dewatering and disposal. A 20-year present worth cost analysis was performed to evaluate the life cycle costs of competing biological treatment processes and solids dewatering processes.  Project improvements include an additional aeration basin and secondary clarifier for increased biological treatment capacity, a new UV disinfection system, new RAS/WAS pumping station and building, new solids dewatering building with a centrifuge, new maintenance building, and improvements to SCADA and stand-by power generation. The treatment capacity was expanded from 6 MGD to 8.75 MGD (average) with a peak design flow of 40 MGD. Provisions were made for the future treatment facilities to achieve nutrient removal using biological treatment or precipitation and filtration.