Norman R. Skinner WWTP

Leeds, AL

Owner: Jefferson County Commission, Department of Environmental Services

Size: 5 MGD

Project Stage: Complete

Award Winner: Engineering Excellence Award National Finalist, American Consulting Engineering Council; Engineering Excellence Grand Award, Consulting Engineering Companies of Alabama

Description: To meet stringent new discharge limitations into the Little Cahaba River, the existing trickling filter treatment facility was abandoned and replaced with a new activated sludge facility. The new treatment plant consists of influent shredding, influent pumping, peak flow storage capability, grit removal, oxidation ditches, final clarifiers, sand filtration, ultra-violet disinfection, aerobic digestion and sand drying beds. Effluent CBOD and TSS levels are routinely below 1 mg/l and 2 mg/l, respectively. Chemical feed (alum) is utilized to reduce phosphorous levels to below 0.1 mg/l. The plant’s average design flow is 5 MGD.