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Fort Benning Water Treatment Plant

Krebs is pleased to announce that the new Fort Benning drinking water treatment facilities are substantially complete and have received Georgia EPD approval to begin producing drinking water for Fort Benning.  The raw water facilities consist of a new 8 MGD raw water intake on the Chattahoochee River and 2 miles of 24″ diameter raw water piping.  The 8 MGD treatment facilities consist of  a new rapid mixing basin, new flocculation basins, rehabilitation of existing sedimentation basins, new plate settlers, a new membrane microfiltration system, and rehabilitation of existing finished water clearwells.  Chemical addition includes on-site production of sodium hypo-chlorite, liquid lime, fluoride, and powdered activated carbon.  Other facilities include a new finished water pumping station, improvements to existing solids handling facilities, new sand drying beds for solids, and an Operations Building with administrative space and a laboratory.  The facilities are owned and operated by Columbus Water Works and the total construction cost was approximately $30 million.  Krebs provided architecture and engineering design and construction administration services.