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Albertville Municipal Utilities Board and Krebs Engineering Honored for Engineering Excellence

Krebs Engineering, Inc., (Krebs) has received the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC-Alabama) 2016 Grand Design Award for the design of the “Biosolids Improvements for Energy Recovery” project in Albertville, Alabama.

The Municipal Utilities Board of Albertville engaged Krebs to evaluate biosolids handling and disposal alternatives, and to develop a cost-effective, long term solution with the goal of controlling solids hauling and disposal costs while also utilizing renewable biogas produced at its wastewater treatment facility.  The biosolids improvements consisted of a Class A biosolids drying facility capable of utilizing renewable biogas and consolidation of solids dewatering operations at the wastewater treatment facility.

The project was recognized by ADEM/TVA with a $910,000 energy efficiency grant.  The project helps to control Albertville’s operating costs by utilizing renewable biogas to eliminate approximately $275,000 of annual hauling and disposal costs, reducing volume of solids/sludge by 80%-90%, and by producing high quality biosolids that can be sold and used locally without restrictions as a fertilizer and soil conditioner.

This project achieved Albertville’s long term goals of controlling hauling and disposal costs while utilizing renewable biogas to produce a marketable product that protects public health and the environment.  This project is the only facility in Alabama (and one of only a few in U.S.) to utilize renewable biogas to convert a costly waste (Class B biosolids and alum sludge) into a beneficial Class A biosolids product.

For 90 years, Krebs Engineering, Inc. has specialized in planning, design, construction administration, and permitting for municipal wastewater, water supply, and storm water projects in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.